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Decomposer - Soil Restorer

Decomposer - Soil Restorer

Migrow India offers Innovative formulation - Decomposer plus soil restorer. Organisms that break down dead or decaying matter, and in doing so they carry out the natural process of decomposition and restore the soil biota which enhance the fertility.
Detailed Description

It is unique liquid based probiotic soil restorer and decomposer formulation contains combination effective microbial inoculums and growth stimulators. It increases soil nutrient availability and water retention. It is responsive on all the plants and accelerates plant growth. It encourages biological activity that works to open up the soil. Remember that the root hairs that take up water and nutrition are tiny and even a slight improvement in soil structure makes a big difference in the plant. As the soil becomes more open roots that were physically restricted are allowed to grow more freely to absorb nutrients that have been locked away inside the hard clay. It also acts as solid waste decomposer, applied directly to make compost from Agriculture / Industrial / Muncipal solid waste.


? Faster Composting: Within 30-40 days from any organic waste –leading to saving in space & cost.
? Production of Enriched Compost: Creates more nutrients in the compost thereby enriching it.
? Foul Order Suppression: The volume of harmful gases like CO, NH4, H2S, & CH are suppressed, which also help in controlling foul order in the matter of few hours
? Control of Vectors: Population of vectors like mosquitoes & flies that spread various diseases are suppressed.
? Efficient treatment of leachate: It treats the leachate emanating from solid waste, which can otherwise pollute the environment.

Application Procedure

General Heap Method

1. Clear an area of about 8’; x 4’;. This area should be carefully selected in open field.
2. Spray 200 ml of Product on the cleared area to enable microbes to work from below and also maintain necessary moisture from below as well.
3. Place a layer of plant waste or all energy material about 1 feet thickness.
4. Spray diluted Product on top of this layer properly to rinse the biomass. Do not leave out the corners. Use a fork while rinsing the biomass to allow percolation till the bottom.
5. Place a layer of Bulking agents like animal waste (cow or chicken dung) or soil (clay soil preferably) and repeat the process of spraying. Place branches of trees or cut tyres as well to felicitate aeration.
6. Go on repeating Step 3, 4 and 5 till the heap reaches a height of about 3 to 4 feet.
7. Place cloth or opened out gunny sacks only on top to retain moisture. The cloth should not cover the entire heap as it would prevent the air from going inside.

Dosages: 2-3 ml per Litre of water.

Solid waste treatment : 1 litre per 1 ton of waste.



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